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Downloadable Newsletter & Literature

Watchword Newsletter.

Below are links to our newsletters which are available in colour and ‘printer friendly’ black and white.

We used to produce a hard-copy version for co-ordinators to deliver in their roads. However, with the tremendous growth of neighbourhood watch across the borough this is simply beyond our means. As watch members are increasingly ‘on line’, distribution via this site and by email is the viable, affordable solution.

Watchword is in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to read them. If you do not have software to open PDF documents click on the link below to download Adobe Reader.

Click link to download Adobe Acrobat

Colour format Newsletter May 2013 Oct 2013
Black and White format Newsletter May 2013 Oct 2013

Our Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch Constitution.

In PDF Format.


Protecting your family and home.

Booklet giving advice and information on starting a watch by Absolute Security.

Little Book of BIG Scams.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s Operation Sterling Team is pleased to bring you the Little Book of BIG Scams. We were inspired by The Little Black Book of Scams, originally created by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as inspiration. We hope this booklet will increase your awareness of the vast array of scams that are being used and teach you some easy steps you can take to protect yourself. It should be seen as a general guide to many of the scams currently operating in the UK.

Home Office Website

There has been a Personal Security Guide recently produced which outlines some sensible measures to improve the personal security of yourself, your family and staff. It should be read in conjunction with the Crime Prevention advice contained in the Home Office booklet “Practical ways to Crack Crime”. If adapted to individual needs the advice in this book will substantially reduce the opportunity for a successful attack by a terrorist or other extremist organisation.

Personal Security Guide

Personal Security Guide

Neighbourhood Watch and crime prevention leaflets are also available to download from the Home Office website and you can also order a number of hard copies. You can download some here .

Say No to Trick-or-Treat Window Card.

No Trick or Treaters

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