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Is there a neighbourhood watch (NHW) scheme in my area?

Contact our administrator Linda Kempton via the contact page.

How is NHW funded?

We thank the local businesses that you can see on the bottom of this page for their support.

How do we start a street NHW?

Contact our administrator Linda Kempton via the contact page.

What is a NHW co-ordinator?

Someone from your street who gives some of their time to dissemination of information. Like current threats , warnings, and advice to their NHW street members

What do NHW schemes do?

Unify communities, create awareness and promote a safer neighbourhood.

Who is my street co-ordinator?

Contact our administrator Linda Kempton via our contact page.

Is it correct as a member of NHW I am able to get a discount on my home insurance?

Shop around, as some companies give 5% or so discount to NHW members. You will have to ask some about this discount.

Do we get street signs and is there a cost?

Normally on start up of a watch one/two signs are given free. There is no cost to be a member but some schemes do raise/maintain funds to assist their watch.

We now have a new supply of NHW lamp post signs ready for collection/delivery to all the new watches set up and waiting for their signs and for any watches that need their old signs replaced (from the Metropolitan days) or those that require a further sign for extra NHW visibility.

The signs need to be secured on the lamp posts with the accompanying brackets 6 feet 6inches high and the lamp post numbers noted and sent through to the Neighbourhood Watch office once they have been installed by a NHW coordinator and helper.

The signs are then covered by the Public Liability Insurance for all Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch schemes across England and Wales and registered with Surrey County Council.

Please email the NHW office with how many signs you require (1 each end of the watch & additional for side roads or longer watches).

Are there any other ways of raising funds for NHW?

The steering group has a borough-wide scheme to collect spent ink cartridges for re-cycling.
We welcome initiatives from members to fund their own watch, e.g. for meetings, additional signs and printing material for non-it households.
Please click here for further information, including bequests.

Why is neighbourhood watch needed?

To make a stand on safety and security for the area we live in.  We can all play a role by looking out for each other and reporting suspicious activity to the police.

Linda will help Co-ordinators with any queries, visit the contact page.

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