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Leaving our Castle

We are  increasingly taking holidays at this time of year – sometimes a long weekend around Xmas.
And when we do them along with the feelings of great joy we should be aware of those who may enjoy our left at home goodies.
Leaving valuable items with other family members, a bank, or lock them in a safe. Back up computer hard drives and keep the backups hidden
Avoid discussing holiday plans where strangers may overhear details, and don’t
advertise our absence when on holiday, out at work, or even shopping
Do not leave ‘back soon’ notes on display. Burglars love a written guarantee
Don’t have home address showing on luggage on the outward journey
Where we normally leave valuable items in our shed such as a pedal cycle, consider
putting them in the house
Ensure there is some rubbish left in bins – empty bins can say a lot about whether
someone is away. Especially lack of fresh wrapping paper.
Just before setting off, it is worth walking around the outside of the house to check that all windows/doors/gates are secure.
Then we go party.

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