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Neighbourhood Activity


Our NHW Office will be closed from the 31st Mar 2014. We will be relocating and also changing our contact phone numbers and email addresses. This should only take about a week and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We will advise all our co-ordinators in due time.
Best regards
SNHW Steering Group



Door cylinder snapping & bumping.

Door cylinder snapping & bumping is on the rise at an alarming rate and scale. With everyday tools a burglar can get past a standard door cylinder in less than 30 seconds. 90% of all uPVC and composite doors in the UK and Ireland have euro profile locks which could be snapped, bumped and picked in seconds, leaving your home, possessions – and car, in the hands of an opportunist thief. More alarming is the personal safety risk.

The ABS lock is the only lock that has unique built in Snap Secure technology that ensures that if the door is attacked the cylinder will snap from the outside but it will also block off access to the internal mechanism of the door lock.

See http://sheffix.co.uk/abs-anti-snap-cylinder-locks/ and ABS Cylinder Measuring Guide.


Nuisance Calls.

Nuisance calls (i.e. unsolicited – and unwanted – marketing messages, silent or abandoned calls) cause widespread harm and inconvenience which have been acknowledged by the previous and current Government and the relevant regulators – Ofcom (the communications regulator) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Both Ofcom and the ICO have enforcement powers in this area and Ofcom has tightened its rules concerning silent calls after consultation. In 2010, Parliament approved an increase in the financial penalty available to Ofcom in enforcing its rules on nuisance calls from £50,000 to £2 million.

For more information on this, you can download the House of Commons PDF document here.

See page two of our Jun 2012 newsletter for information on FPS/MPS/Callgard.


If you are getting unsolicited phone calls and would you like to know who is calling you before you decide whether to talk to them, a web site Telepest.co.uk may be able to help. Just search for a number in their database and see if it’s listed as a potential pest call. Even if it isn’t, they can give you some useful information that might help you work out who it is that’s calling. You can even add your own report to help others by submitting a pest report.


Surrey Police joins national scheme to investigate fraud and online offences

Surrey Police has signed up to a national scheme aimed at enhancing fraud investigations and slashing the amount of time officers spend taking reports of the crime.

Surrey Police will be joining Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, which will act as a central point of contact for all information about fraud and financially-motivated internet crime.

Instead of Surrey Police officers taking reports themselves, they will redirect victims to Action Fraud where staff will receive reports, on the phone or online.

Information provided by the members of the public or businesses reporting an offence will then be assessed within Action Fraud and where a crime is established, it will be recorded and the victim will be provided with a national crime reference number.

The crime and all other information reports are then transferred securely each day to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) held by City of London Police.

There, all crimes and information reports are analysed together with information received from a number of other agencies and organisations. Those crimes where there are positive lines of enquiry to follow up will then be sent to the relevant police force for further investigation.

All police forces across the UK have agreed to join the scheme by March 2013.

Action Fraud is run by the National Fraud Authority in partnership with the NFIB and will provide numerous benefits including introducing a single point of contact for all reports of fraud, improving the sharing of intelligence and allowing staff to build up a clear picture of fraud activity nationally.

Five police forces have already piloted the new national system, including Leicestershire, Kent and Greater Manchester Police.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Clay, of Surrey Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Team, said that joining Action Fraud will provide an improved service to victims of fraud.

He said: “Fraud is not a victimless crime. It can devastate lives and it’s vital we take strong action to prevent people falling foul of criminals who prey on the vulnerable.

“Where the victim is reporting a crime in action, or is assessed to be vulnerable, we will continue to deal with the report as normal. But for all other such reports, the victim will make contact with Action Fraud, via the telephone or by logging on to its website.

“Following a successful pilot, by March 2013 every police force in England and Wales will be using Action Fraud to report incidents of fraud and internet crime in their area.

“Rolling out the service will free up police time and resources and allow us to build an accurate national picture to lead the fight against fraudsters.”

For further information please visit http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ or call the Action Fraud contact centre on 0300 123 2040.

Issued by James Baker on 03/12/2012 15:21:11 ENDS



New one-stop fraud-reporting shop!

On Monday 3rd December Surrey Police goes live with Action Fraud – a national scheme aimed at enhancing fraud investigations and reducing the amount of time spent taking reports of the crime.
Action Fraud is the UK´s national fraud reporting centre which will act as a central point of contact for all information about fraud and financially-motivated internet crime.
In future, most fraud will be reported by the public direct to Action Fraud and not to, or by, police officers and staff. Information provided will then be assessed within Action Fraud and where a crime is established, it will be recorded and the victim provided with a national crime reference number.
The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) at the City of London Police will analyse all reports will send those crimes where there are good lines of enquiry to the relevant authority as “packages” for further investigation.
The new scheme will mean that:
• resources are released from time consuming reporting of fraud
• forces will only receive reports from the NFIB with viable investigative leads
• Centralised intelligence can help identify and disrupt networks of criminal gang activity.
All Forces have agreed to participate in Action Fraud by March 2013, and it has already been piloted by five forces.
More information can be found on the Action Fraud website.


Launched today (Monday, 22 October), the two-month campaign aims to help householders get in to the mind of a burglar and understand what they look out for prior to committing a burglary. Make sure your house is not on a burglars to-do list!

Burglary campaign1

To find out more, visit the Surrey Police Website here.


Letterbox security (click link)

Information on securing your letterbox.



Crime Prevention Interactive House.

A web-based ‘interactive house’ offering top tips to guard against thieves has been launched by West Yorkshire Police.
Now anyone with access to the internet can visit the website and click onto various parts of the house to get crime prevention advice.
So if you click on the various sections displayed on the house you get helpful tips about securing it against burglars.


The Ashford Town team are no longer holding their surgeries at Costa Coffee. They are now to be held at The Ashford Pride Office (old Ashford Police Station), Church Road. Having the surgeries at the Ashford Pride office means that the conversations between police and residents can be more private and discreet than they were in Costa Coffee, which is a busy and loud Café.

The dates and times are;

17th October 2012 12.30 – 13.30

Kind Regards

PC Samantha Coleman 3511


Happy Birthday Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Week June 16th – 24th

Across the country events are being organised to acknowledge the 30th Birthday of Neighbourhood Watch. Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch will be in the High Street, Staines-Upon-Thames on Tuesday 19th June between 11am and 2pm. The partnership trailer will be set up and we will be on site to promote and seek support for new Watches across the Borough.

Please do come along and see us, join us and help us.

If you know someone in a nearby street to you and they are not part of an active Neighbourhood Watch, please have a chat with them and sell the idea of an active community and the chance to reduce local crime. Recent research published by Richard Slatter, Hertfordshire Constabulary (2009) shows that Neighbourhood Watch has been effective in reducing crime in 79% of cases (when compared to similar areas without such schemes). Neighbourhood Watch is also valued for providing and generating community safety and more of a community spirit.

The majority of burglaries and thefts occur when access is easily gained to the rear of the house, where offenders can work undisturbed. Do not leave wheelie bins where they can be used to climb over fences. Make sure that side gates are locked and secure. Fit good locks on doors and windows. Do not leave keys where they can easily be found or near front doors where they can be ‘fished’ out through the letterbox. Remember to take a moment to make sure your house is secured properly when you go out and at night.

Across the Borough we are seeing an upsurge in vehicle crime – in particular thefts from parked (and UNLOCKED) vehicles. Please do not leave ANY valuables – satnavs, loose change etc – in vehicles overnight and ensure vehicles are LOCKED.

For further advice on crime reduction please contact the Crime Reduction Advisor or the Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch Office or check out the Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch website at

If you have any information regarding this or any other crime, please ring Surrey Police on the new 101 number or – if urgent 999. You can also ring the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Follow us on facebook and twitter @spelthornebeat

Thank you, Vic Smith


Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch Celebrates Success

 Neighbourhood Watch is 30 years old this year. As part of the national celebrations, the work and commitment of three longstanding

Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch coordinators was recently recognised. Between them they can boast at least 80 years service to the community. The Spelthorne Borough Commander Inspector Derrick Laing presented them with framed certificates at the Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch AGM kindly hosted by the Shepperton Holiday Inn the evening of Friday the 18th May 2012.

Stuart Surridge has been looking after the Echelford Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and producing regular crime and crime prevention newsletters for 25 years. In his absence, Christine Gatt – his deputy – received his certificate on his behalf in appreciation of his outstanding services over 25 years.

Gerry Vile recently stood down from his liaison duties with Surrey Neighbourhood Watch. He received a certificate of appreciation for outstanding services for over 25 years.

Earlier in the week, Fred Luff was presented with a certificate for outstanding services as a Shepperton coordinator for over 25 years by the Chair and Administrator of Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch, Vic Smith and Linda Kempton.

At the AGM the guest speaker Inspector Steve Cheeseman gave an informative presentation on the work of the South East Air Support Unit for Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. Also present was Cllr. Penny Forbes-Forsyth, the Cabinet member for Youth & Community Safety at Spelthorne Borough Council. Following elections, the steering group remains with Vic Smith as the Chair, Geoff Dover as the Deputy Chair/Secretary, Linda Kempton as the Treasurer/Administrator, with other members being Gerry Vile, Spencer Taylor, Alan Mockford and Steve Appleby. We also welcome two new members – Rowena Smith and Bob Eldridge.

Our next event is planned for Tuesday 19th June 2012 in the High Street, Staines-upon-Thames. Please do come along and join us. We’ll be there between 11am and 2pm with crime prevention and Neighbourhood Watch advice.

Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch now encompasses over 250 Watches across the Borough, including some 12,000 members. If you wish to take an active part in your community join Spelthorne Neighbourhood Watch or get involved and start a scheme in your road. For further details and to find out if your street is part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, call Linda Kempton on 01784 446420 or visit the website at www.spelthornenhw.info for crime prevention tips.

Property marking products and personalised crime prevention information is also available from the Spelthorne Crime Reduction Advisor, who can be contacted on the 101 non-emergency number.


NHW lamp post signs

We now have the NHW lamp post signs ready for collection/delivery to all the new watches set up and waiting for their signs and for any watches that need their old signs replaced (from the Metropolitan days) or those that require a further sign for extra NHW visibility.

The signs need to be secured on the lamp posts with the accompanying brackets 6 feet 6inches high and the lamp post numbers noted and sent through to the Neighbourhood Watch office once they have been installed by a NHW coordinator and helper.

The signs are then covered by the Public Liability Insurance for all Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch schemes across England and Wales and registered with Surrey County Council.

Please email the NHW office with how many signs you require (1 each end of the watch & additional for side roads or longer watches).


Dear Coordinators and NHW members

Campaign to target yearly rise in Vehicle Crime throughout April and May

During the months of April and May offenders take advantage to steal bags and cash by the opportunities presented by victims leaving vehicles unlocked. Offenders are also influenced by high scrap metal prices, resulting in catalytic converter thefts.

Although the Force has been achieving positive results since 2009, with a 15% reduction in Theft from a Motor Vehicle (TFMV) and a 23% reduction in Theft of a Motor Vehicle (TOMV), there is a determination to make further reductions in our pursuit of criminals.

Bus backs and billboards will be placed around the county, displaying artwork of rats breaking into a vehicle. Our successful video and radio advertisements from last year’s campaign ‘In the mind of a car thief’ will also re-run. CCTV images of unknown individuals committing vehicle crimes will be distributed to the media to appeal for the public’s help in identifying them.

Additional patrols will target hotel and beauty spot car parks where many thefts occur. Officers dedicated to the operation from the Roads Policing Unit and Safer Neighbourhoods teams will work alongside officers from CID and Intelligence targeting known offenders. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team will stop vehicles which are known to have been stolen or have links to offenders and our Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCOs) will play a crucial role in apprehending those responsible from forensic clues they leave behind.

Similar vehicles are targeted for both TOMV and TFMV offences, and in particular the transit and sprinter van is popular among thieves for tools and catalytic converters. Statistics show offences are most prominent overnight between 11pm – 3am and offenders are most likely to be young males who reside locally.

Temporary Superintendent Darren McInnes, Force lead on vehicle crime, said: “Having your car stolen or broken into is an upsetting experience and can cause a great deal of inconvenience and expense. But most vehicle crime incidents can be prevented by taking a few simple steps.

“Our advice to motorists is to close the windows, lock the doors and remove personal possessions. Particular care should be taken with sat navs, laptops, ipods and mobile phones, where quite often the value to the victim is often enhanced by the inconvenience of losing the equipment and the information held on it.

“Reducing vehicle crime is a top priority for Surrey Police in our pursuit of criminals. As part of this latest crackdown we are increasing patrols day and night, working closely with our intelligence and scenes of crime teams and targeting individuals who are believed to be involved in vehicle crime.”

Surrey residents can help to reduce vehicle crime and therefore avoid becoming a victim by following these simple steps:

  • Always close windows and sunroofs and always lock your car, even when you leave it for just a few moments
  • Don’t leave anything inside your car. Thieves love sat navs, mobile phones and bags, but clothes, cigarettes and loose change can all encourage a break in
  • Sat nav theft is common. So always remove the system and the cradle, and wipe away any suction marks left on the windscreen
  • Look after your car keys and keep them out of sight, even when you are at home. Never leave them in view of a letterbox or window
  • To help avoid your car being ‘cloned’ secure your number plate with anti-tamper or clutch head screws
  • When away from home, always try to park in a well lit, open location or in a car park displaying the ‘ParkMark’ logo
  • Drive a van? Keep it locked, even when driving, and always remove tools and equipment at night
  • If you drive a vehicle with ‘high clearance’ such as a 4WD or a van, you may be at risk of catalytic converter theft. Mark yours to deter thieves
  • Keep an eye out for potential car criminals. If you see someone looking inside cars, or trying car door handles call Surrey Police on 101. In an emergency always call 999.

Call 101 for all non-emergency policing matters.

Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (eg a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger).

Call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you have information about a crime and don’t want to leave your name


We have been advised by several watch coordinators of a Chinese letter scam that is circulating the Borough.

The letters are sent to named persons and are asking for the content of the letter to be kept confidential.

Please ignore these letters they are a scam and if you are at all worried call your local Police Team on the non emergency number 101.

21Feb12Crimestopper marker

Cost Effective Crime Reduction
Since the launch of Crimestoppers Property Protector in early 2011 our aim has been to make a property marking solution for the householder Easy to Buy, Easy to Use and Easy to Register.
With the product available from both Tesco and a number of online retailers, Crimestoppers Trust and other charity and community sites; a low retail price, from £19.99 to £27.99 depending on the retailer; simple bottle and brush application, and Immobilise.com as the database for property registration we feel we are achieving that aim.
For 2012 we want to help whole neighbourhoods and communities protect themselves from the threat of burglary and property theft. From discussions with local Neighbourhood Policing teams we know that a combination of property marking tools, deterrent signage and local publicity can have a dramatic effect on crime rates.

We know that everyone has operational budget restraints and so have structured a pricing policy for Police purchasing that allows volume purchase of Crimestoppers Property Protector at substantially reduced pricing from the householder recommended price.

If you are planning a crime reduction campaign including property marking please contact us for a discussion or download our document Working with the Police to Reduce Crime to find out more.
Nigel Porter
Direct: 020 8363 7933
Mobile: 07768 170 285
A donation from every pack purchased goes to the charity CRIMESTOPPERS wherever it is purchased.

Surrey Police
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Spelthorne Together
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