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Our Current Top Tip


16. A scam is, of course, a scheme designed to con you out of your cash.
Approaches to you could be from so-called clairvoyants, pyramid scheme sellers, prize draw administrators, foreign money managers, work from home employers, golden investment opportunity tellers, miracle cure purveyors, “banks” asking you to give out personal account details and change them, etc.
If anything sounds like it’s just too good to be true then likely it is.
If anyone asks you for a payment up front for a money making scheme, or asks for your bank details, then end the call, delete the email, feed the wheelie bin with their shredded letter.
Talk to Consumer Direct on 0845 040506 if you are suspicious about anything, and get their practical advice.

Here are a few screenshots of scams circulating which you may see in your inbox. Please be wary of any ‘clickable’ links as they may lead to bogus sites and never send passwords on email.

spoof carjacking emails

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